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12 Tips on How to Choose a Good Cat Tree!

The cat tree can be defined as a special space for the cat. Most cat trees have the main trunk, stairs, and a platform. The structure is usually made of wood. We also see some models with small boxes attached to play hide and seek. Choosing a good cat tree is based on many criteria. Cat trees are essential elements in the life of your cat. Today I’m going to give you the keys, to choose a good cat tree.

a good cat tree

Why my cat needs a cat tree?

Even if your cat spends most of the time sleeping, a cat needs to have something to vent when awake. Cats that are living in apartments are required to have a tree. This allows them to get there physical exercise, getting on top so that they can satisfy their need to climb. And in general, a cat tree enables your cat to watch over the room and feel some kind of dominance.

What are the important criteria for choosing a cat tree?

The number of cats in your home

a good cat tree

Before choosing your cat tree, you need to know how many cats it is intended. If you live with several cats, there must be several places to laze ( Expect a birth ).

Where to place a good cat tree

Upstream of your purchase, know where you want to place a good cat tree. This way you will know exactly the size that your cat tree will do. Remember that some tree elements are troublesome for the movement in the room, most can be turned anyway.

What height?

You will see that there are cat trees of all sizes. About 35cm to 3m! I advise you to take a minimum of 1m height tree if your cat is young and valiant. If it is an older cat, between 35 and 70cm will be enough. There are also cat trees that can attach to the ceiling or walls of the room. These are highly popular among cats because of the hight reach. Make absolutely sure there is a platform height ( Your cat will prefer to sit as high as possible! ) Be careful not to buy a cat tree measuring a size larger than your own; it will be difficult to catch your cat in this case…

Choose a good cat tree by the cat’s habits

a good cat tree

The nature and habits of your cat are among the important criteria in the selection of the cat tree. Thus, before a purchase, choose a tree with several hiding places ( cats love to hide them self ). There must also be a scratching post, and ropes ( If you don’t want them to use your furniture ). Cats also love heights because that way they feel some kind of dominance of the room. I highly recommend you a height of one meter, but it can range from 35 cm to 3m. As for the color and shape, you have to judge according to your tastes and preferences of your cat. The cat tree is essential as it helps the well-being and balance, both physical and psychological of your fluff.

The composition of a good cat tree

If your home and your budget allow it, choose a cat tree rich in elements. It usually consists of the main trunk, stairs, and one or more platforms. To stimulate interest, offer your cat a tree with multiple hiding places and pallets of activity. The presence of a resting area is very important and a scratching zone is highly recommended.

a good cat treeBeware of strength

There are cat trees for heavy cats ( weighing over 5kg ). Be sure to choose a cat tree adapted to the size of your cat. It must be strong enough. You want your cat to perform his acrobatics safely. Select a sturdy cat tree with a strong structure and also comfortable. More cats will have a significant weight, the quality of the cat tree will be important.

Recognize a good cat tree

To recognize a good cat tree, you must first observe your cat behavior. Ask yourself the right questions, such as:
  • Where my cat prefers to lie?
  • Where does your cat want to bulge, when full?
  • Which heights goes to his preference?

The answers to these questions will help you find the best cat tree!

Then it must be the cat tree with multiple elements. Choose a comfortable and a cozy place, so that it could hide, etc. Preferably removable so that you are able to wash it in the washing machine. And finally, the perfect cat tree must have a scratching post.

What if my cat is not interested in the tree?

Often cats are crazy about Catnip, please do not hesitate to put some of that Nip on the main trunk and on the elements of the cat tree. You can also lay some Treats so that your cat get used to going there.
The goal is that your cat spends as much time on it so that it recognizes it, as its territory. You can also place several Toys already used by your cat on its shaft. This will cause a sense of belonging.

Where to place the cat tree?

Do not hesitate to put the cat tree in a living room. The goal is that your cat does not feel isolated from family life. The best place to put the cat tree is near a window, in a place of passage. This way your cat will feel superior and will be a permanent distraction for them.

Where to buy a good cat tree?

You can find very good tree models at your local cat pet store or garden centers. Note however that the animal stores have lots of choices and offer more attractive prices often. I highly advise you to focus on brand cat trees, they will be much more durable. 

Launch into the Do it Yourself!

If you do not find what you want, you can always make yourself a cat tree. Some equipment and motivation will be indispensable, but you’ll be proud to give your cat a good cat tree!

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