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4 Answers On How You Should Take Care of Your Cat’s Coat [Tips]

Sometimes it can be a headache to keep your cats coat in top condition. In this article, I’m going to reveal the most frequently asked questions about; 4 Answers on how you should take care of your cat’s coat. To protect you from common future mistakes. How often should you take care of your cat’s coat? Well, that is determined to a large extent by the type of coat your cat has.

#1 Short haired cats

The most common cat, you also know them as the; European shorthair cat. Within these particular shorthair species, there are still a number of structural differences. These particular coats you have to brush it occasionally and give it a close look from time to time, for possible fleas or ticks.

 how you should take care of your cat's coat

 #2 Longhair

Maine Coons is a Norwegian forest cat, and they have the most beautiful long coats like you ever seen. But remember that you must provide them weekly coat care to prevent tangles. Sometimes, I recommend you to trim them ( if you can do it yourself, of course, I advise you to hire a confidential specialist )
how you should take care of your cat's coat

 #3 Wirehair

The beautiful most awesome American wirehair is a cat breed that originated from a mutation of short hairs breed cats. This particular coat you must brush every single week I recommend.
 how you should take care of your cat's coat

#4 The hairless cat

Apart from a few tufts, this naked cat is totally nude, just like the most famous Sphynx. It is very important that you wash these cats regularly ( You need to do this ). The sebum that is distributed between the hairs in a cat with a normal coat remains on the skin of these wonderful creatures. As a result, the skin becomes sticky, smelly and the sebum can give off on your clothing and furniture ( That you don’t want ). It is very important to know that the ears also need to be flushed because a Sphynx suffers a lot of earwax.
how you should take care of your cat's coat

How much should you bath your cat?

As you have seen above, it differs per cat species how often you have to comb or wash. Long-haired ones, we recommend washing as little as possible, so that you do not disturb the natural process on their skin. Naked cats more often I recommend.

What shampoo should you use on your cat?

When washing your cat I personally prefer using a good, natural healthy shampoo. Calily Life Organic Oatmeal Cat Shampoo + Conditioner, mildly and effectively, but does not strip the natural oils or washing off existing flea and tick treatments. The oils smell not too strong, and fresh. It features a special formula in an effort to not cause a burning sensation when coming in contact with your cat’s eyes.

how you should take care of your cat's coat

How does the bathing process of your cat works?

How you should take care of your cat’s coat if your cat belongs to the 99.9 % then your cat probably hates water. Remember that cats clean them self pretty well and washing a cat is only necessary in a few cases, that’s why it should be limited.

Naked cats; Frequently! Sphynxes who live alone or live with hairy cats will be less likely to get dirty and smelly than if they have another Sphynx as there companions. They seek out the warmth and usually crawl against to each other and of course sleep with each other. As a result, an accumulation of more sweat, sebum, smelly smells and dirt will arise.

Long-haired; cats at least 3-4 times a year. When doubting, I recommend you to ask a confidential trimmer for advice.

To wash your cat you ensure a safe, warm, joyful and peaceful environment. Maybe when you cat is a sensitive one, try closing all doors and windows. If your cat is not used to this, I recommend doing this with a close relative or a good friend. Preferably somebody that the cat knows and most importantly, trust! ( Ask for your help if you find it difficult doing it alone ).
Washing your cat in a bath is usually way too big, try to use your bathroom sink or a small Bucket. That is more confined and less scary for your you should take care of your cat's coat

What is the disadvantage of washing your cat too much?

How you should take care of your cat’s coat if your cat does not get through the exuviation or has an extreme greasy coat, you got the tendency to wash, brush or comb, your cats more often ( Don’t Do That ).


It is very, very important that you do not do this! Because as a result, you stimulate the hair follicles and the skin so that only more sebum and hairs are created ( Please remember this ).

Only wash and combing to a minimum as I mentioned before.

Good quality organic food and supplement will support this issue greatly

how you should take care of your cat's coat

The care of your cats coat inside 

How you should take care of your cat’s coat if the coat is not in great shape, there may be something internally things going on. But you can greatly improve your cat’s coat, from the inside!
Good quality organic food diet. This diet is usually are raw meat, vegetables, supplemented, lots of fruit and not to forget seeds are very healthy for your cat.
Remember cats need lots of omega fatty acids. Fatty acids can be given to get through the molt easier, to help fix their skin and to get a beautiful most awesome healthy blink on their coat.
how you should take care of your cat's coat

Question to the audience; What do you think, is the best way to take care of your cat’s coat?

Let me know if I forgot something to mention or you got some more great ideas! I love to hear that… If you do, share them in our comment section! I hope this article finds you well, and I hope you know how you should take care of your cat’s coat.

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