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Trimming Your Cat’s Nails Is Necessary And Important [Tips]

Do you constantly hear your cat coming from great distances because their nails are way too long? And does your little soulmate attempt to surprise you with its razor-sharp claws, when playing? Then I recommend trimming your cat’s nails. Easier said than done, you probably thinking right now? You know what, you right! Because most cat often times does not allow you to do so. In this article, I’m going to share some reasons, why you should do it and Tips on how to do it!

trimming your cat's nails

Trimming your cat’s nails rarely happens. Most cat owners have never trimmed their cat’s nails because most of the time, your cat can do it by itself and doesn’t need your assistance. In that case, it is not needed to assure that the nails are of proper length. Cat’s sharpen their nails by scratching on things when they are outside, for example, a cat tree or a post usually. By scratching the outer layer of the nails, that way it assures that the nails always remain in top condition and on the accurate length. Afterall in some circumstances, assistance is necessary and in that case, trimming the nails are needed. For instance, an elderly cat. It can happen that the cat no longer takes care of their nails by itself. In that situation, it is necessary to hop in as an owner and give your cat a hand!

The nails of your cat

As you know cat’s have usually nails on each leg. But, the front legs are different than the hind legs. On their front paws, next to 4 normal nails, are also ” thumbnails ” on each front leg. They do not have them on their hind legs. They have on their hind legs only 4 nails. The central part of the nails consists a blood flowing core. That is the source that gets their nails to grow. Around it is a hard layer that consists of various layers. When a cat sharpening his nails, it usually loos al the outer layer, keeping it at the accurate length. The next layer will be above and the nail will be pointed again. The dropped outer layer can be found in the house, for instance on your carpets or furniture.
What is the best time for trimming your cat’s nails?
The nails of your cat should be trimmed when they have nails way too long and your cat has a hard time with it do it by itself ( struggle ). This is in many circumstances obviously noticeable and you notice it greatly on the behavior of your cat. For instance, when the legs are often pierced on your carpet or furniture, etc.), I recommend you to check the nail length and trim if needed, either by you or a confidential specialist.

Start trimming your cat’s nails always when you recognize this:

  • Your cat is gets stuck on your carpet with his nails
  • Your cat struggles to lose his nail when he is scratching on a post or tree.
  • You hear the nails tapping on the floor while your cat is walking
  • The nails are obviously way too long and there is a risk that they will grow curl and grow back into the skin.

The best way to trim your cat’s nails

You have two choices; Trim by yourself or go to a grooming salon or vet or leave it to a confidential expert. When you choose to cut the nails yourself, I recommend you:
Arrange a sharp nail clipper for your fluffy ( Don’t use your own! )
Trim your cat only when you are fully comfortable doing so otherwise you cat maybe get hurt in the process. Always make sure your cat is at eas at that moment when trimming.
When you want to trim the nails on the front legs of your little fluffy puff, I recommend you to rest your cat on your lap. For the hind legs, put the cat down on its back ( That is the comfiest way for your cat ).
Take his toe between thumb and forefinger and use a slight pressure, but not too much. The nail will then come out in sight. ( It is important that you do this as gently as possible ) ↓

trimming your cat's nails

Cut a small piece of the nail with the clipper. Do not cut more than a few millimeters at maximum. Otherwise, you might cut into there core ( The blood flow and tense part inside the nail ). Tip: If you do not clearly see where core begins, try to give a little pressure on the nails with the clipper. ( When the cat removes its paw, chances are you have touched the source ). In that situation, trim off a tinier piece of the nail. Remember do not ever, trim trough their core! You will hurt and damage your cat!

Check your cat nails regularly

I recommend you to frequently check your cat’s nails. Ignoring the long nails can have obnoxious outcomes. When the cat cannot do it by itself anymore; I Recommend Trimming Your Cat’s Nails.

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