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8 ways of never having a bored cat again [Tips]

Having a bored cat happens quickly without all the arousal of the outside world. Especially if he spends a lot of time in your house and not in de outside world. That is of course not much fun for your cat and besides that, it can be harmful and cause mental illnesses like, anxiety, depression, aggression, and even overweight. With these 7 ways of never having a bored cat again, you are guaranteed to successfully fight the war against your cat’s boredom.

#1 Playing with your cat

I personally recommend that you create some time every day to play with your cat. That is critical for his health. You can use Toys, like a Teaser or a Laser beam light. By doing that, you also test his hunting skills. You probably would not be willing to play every day, but make sure that your cat has a variety of toys from which they can choose from. When cats have a lot of toys at their disposal, it can amuse itself in times that you are not there, or maybe even too busy.

bored catbored cat

#2 Interactive cat toys or food dispenser

almost every get cat will climb over mountains for food and are therefore immediately ready to move, only if it works in their favor. To make there meal more challenging and exciting you can apply balls or a Pipolino with food in it. They will have to work and make some kind of effort to get the food out. There are all kinds of goodness for your cat, but the overarching idea is that your cat has to put in the effort to get his little snack. This increase his hunting skills and that makes your cat the happiest animal in the world and your cat will never be a bored cat again!

bored catbored cat

#3 Catnips

Not all cats are susceptible to this little touch of magic, but cats who can handle it, a little catnip can create miracles! ( There are special sprays for sale ) Spray some magic on one of his toys and it becomes a lot more interesting to play with. And also the neglected scratch furniture suddenly becomes irresistible. But remember do not do it too often!

bored cat

#4 Toys, Toys, and Toys

I’m sure you know that cats love toys. We all know they prefer especially the ones that move really fast… etc. Finding the right toy sometimes requires some experimentation with your cat, but it is worthwhile to continue and sure a lot of fun! Are you often away from home, then interactive toys on batteries are toys sent from heaven, which for example create sounds and wobbles. It might be a great option for you when you are away and your cat would love to play with it.

bored cat

#5 Bird feeder house to amuse your cat

This one depends on where you live, to make the life of your cat or kitten more exciting. Hang, outside a Bird Feeder House. There are also those that you attach to the windows or trees ( It needs to be viewable for your cat ) Your fluffy will not be a bored cat for a moment in his life again.

 bored cat

#7 View

Cats have much greater senses than we humans have. Their, ears, eyes and noses are always sharp in the open air. By creating places for the cat where it can sit comfortably in front of a window, your cat can enjoy the outside world. On the windowsill is always a good place, but remember also think of placing a cat tree in front of the window or a bookshelf.
bored cat
#8 Scratch furniture or Scratching tree
A scratching post or furniture keeps the nails and claws of your cat healthy, but it can also lose its lots of boosting high energy. Stretch, scratch, and play: And your cat will be the happiest cat in the world!

bored cat

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