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How To Fight Cat Fleas And How To Prevent Them [Tips]

I think cats are one of the most if not the most beautiful animals in the world! Your little soulmate is always happy when you back home. They always cuddle and comfort you when you have horrible days. Unfortunately, there are also a couple of nightmares that we got to deal with, that grab and hang and hold on your cat. For example, cats can suffer from Cat Fleas crawling on them. How do we get rid of those tiny itching monsters? In this Article, I’m going to discuss how you can Fight cat fleas!

What are Cat Fleas? cat fleas

Fleas are usually small crawling, biting parasites. They will stick to the skin of a cat. Those little vampires feed on the blood of Animals and also Humans. They cause extreme annoying itching sometimes it can even hurt badly. Infections that come back over and over again often times cause a much greater risk of growing a flea allergy on their body ( Which I am sure you know that it is very damaging for your cats’ health ).

How do you know if you’re cat suffers from cat Fleas?

When your cat remotely scratches himself all day long over and over again, maybe even is nervous al the time? I recommend inspecting the Coat/Skin from up close. When you push the hair aside, you can see if the skin is free of those annoying creatures. Make sure that you inspect there Coat/Skin with a lot of attention. You want to be sure that you do not spot any Fleas on them or black spots. These are often poo remains that they have left behind, like a little present and that also indicate a flea infestation. With a special Flea comb, which you can buy at any animal store or even in my Amazon Affiliate store, fleas and flea poo can be easily traced. It is a total misunderstanding that a flea infestation would have something to do with your cat’s hygiene, that is not completely true. Every cat in this world can get them by surprise in their lives!

How does your cat get Fleas on their skin?

Most of our human kind thinks that fleas are jumping around from one animal to next one. Studies have shown that this rarely ever happens. Most of the time cats usually get fleas from the environment they are living in. I’m going to show you the steps that those little bastards make and it goes as follows:
  • An adult flea on one of your cats is usually fed by a blood meal from the host.
  • After this ” good ” meal, the adult flea can lay several hundred or maybe even thousands of little offsprings on your cat skin.
  • Either the eggs drop inside your house or outside, on the ground.
  • Larvae emerge from these eggs that creep away to dark spots ( Cracks/Seams/Leaves, you name it )
  • These larvae feed on flea poop and molt several times before they pupate.
  • An adult flea develops in the pupa.
  • Under the influence of heat and vibrations, the pupa comes out and the flea is born and getting ready to go into the world of your cat ( And that we don’t want to happen ).
  • The flea waits in the environment for a casual passing cat and pounces it.
  • After a good blood meal, the fleas can lay hundreds of eggs and the cycle is complete.
  • Flea’s reproductive cycle can repeat itself numerous times, and armies of fleas will emerge on your cat skin, which creates total chaos on your cats’ health!

cat fleas

How does a Flea infestation occur on your cat?

A special situation is the flea infestation. As I said before, they need warmth and vibration to come out into this world. If one of the two is missing, the pupa will not come out. That is the reason that the fleas infestation more often have a period of absence, such as when you are on a road trip or vacation; one element is missing, the vibrations in your house.
All pupa present at different stages develops to the point that they are ” jumping ”. Then when the family comes back home ( vibrations ) All jumping/Crawling/Biting pupa are now massively coming out and form a true flea invasion and war is declared on you and your beloved cat. This can take such serious forms that also you can be heavily attacked.
cat fleas

What is the best approach toward Cat Fleas and a flea infestation?

1. Pesticides A good flea control agent for your cat is safe, which is harmless to you when touched.
Pipes for the neckVectra ) is the most modern and safe means available. In our Amazon webshop, you will find, among others, Frontline cat, and Advantage ( These are the simple to apply ) You are also able to find those Pesticides at your vet or local animal store.
Vaccination ( Program ): Vaccinate your cat twice a year with a cure that goes as a preventative capsule: Reproduction is countered. I want you to know it does not fight it immediately if your cat already has fleas because it does not eliminate the fleas instantly.
Collar: Seresto, now this is an awesome product on the market, also relativity new. This is a collar against fleas and it serves for 8 months.
Spray: Used in a flea infestation to make the area flea-free.
( Capsules, powders, shampoos are aged substances that do not work or only somewhat work ).
2. Hygiene If you have seen fleas on your cat, I recommend you to vacuum your home regularly so that you remove as many as you can little offspring, larvae and pupae as possible. Especially the lying areas of the cat have to be sucked regularly. 

How can you prevent future Fleas in your home?

The abovementioned pesticides can also be used excellently to prevent flea infestation. These funds kill any new fleas within 24 hours. This blocks those fleas jumpers from producing little itching monsters again.
What you have heard about ” Home cures ” such as garlic has never been documented to work.

What else do we recommend that you take into account?

If your cat has Cat Fleas or has little-itching jumpers for a long time, odds are that there is a tapeworm infection present. This is one of the best to combat with deworming your cat Spring Pet Probiotic Paste.

Here is a video that shows you how Fleas go to work


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