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Learn Cat’s That Do Not Want To Be Lifted To Be Lifted [Tips]

Cat’s that do not want to be lifted. Oftentimes That applies to many cats. Whether it has a bit of a struggle when you lift your cat or take a fight with you. Here in this particular article, I am going to teach you how you can teach your cat to get used to being lifted.

Cat’s are flight creaturs by nature. Cat’s flight when they see an upcoming threat, possible threat or think they see a danger. In no matter what situation, cats want to stay on solid ground, under all causes! If you have lifted your cat in the right way from their kitten youth, they will allow this without any further issue.

Negative experiences


cat's that do not want to be lifted

Cat’s that do not want to be lifted, however, have usually had some negative experiences with getting picked up. Just think about that for a moment… If your cat is in a place where you don’t allow it to be; Then you will pick up roughly and at the same time admonished. If you want to put your cat in a travel basket to go to the vet or travel or if you want to punish him or her we usually grab the neck skin ( These are totally not fun experiences for them ). There are cat owners that like to pick up their little soulmate and cuddle with it, put it on the back. Many cats are not amused by that. Hold tightly or lift up against your cats will ( Due to heavy-handed small children ) may well be intended, but is not pleasant for the cat either.

Training to be lifted

For example, ‘ Cat’s that do not want to be lifted ‘; you can start placing both hands on your cat side and exert some light pressure. If your cat stays calm, you reward it with a Toy or a Treat. You do that a few times until it’s getting used to it. After that, you slowly/gently slide one of your hands under the belly and reward your cat again ( When compliant ). After that, you use a little bit of force but hold on now, not too much. Let me be clear, do not lift your cat up ( Important to remember ) The next and final step is very short lifting your cat a couple centimeters and right away put your cat back again.
cat's that do not want to be lifted

The right way of lifting your buddy

Never ever grab your cat by the neck or skin, ( Never ) not even for a penalization. The best plan is to hold one hand gently under your cat’s belly and rest the hind legs with your other hand. If you want to hold your cat for long periods of time, put the front legs on your shoulder or arm, where your cat is feeling loose and comfortable.
Holding firmly is always counterproductive!


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