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How To Play With a Cat and What Toys To Offer? [Tips]

Today I will explain how to play with a cat and what toys to offer. When we adopt a lovely kitten or a grown cat, usually the first most important thing is to offer a cat, a good food quality and provide them with the care your cat needs. Then comes the question of games? How do I make sure my cat does not become bored? What toys to consider, buying for my cat?

Why playing with your cat is necessary?

Knowing how to play with a cat is necessary because the play is an essential activity for the cat. Too often I am told that cats take little time since we can leave them at home and we do not need to walk them like dogs. Yes, a cat is less restrictive because it is not obliged to take it out. But, just as it takes to walk your dog and having some fun with, the cat must be busy also! ( remember that you do not leave your cat with any activity at all).
Playing with your cat allows it to develop its hunting skills and physical health. When they are still a kitten, the game ensures them to develops the knowledge necessary for a predator; particularly being on the hunt, chasing, jumping,  and killing the prey.
Playing with your cat regularly also prevents possible stress, anxiety, or aggression. If you do not have enough time to play with your cat or it does not have enough toys at his disposal, that can be very bad for your cat’s mental en physical health. If your cat is bored, it will be subject to overweight and depression. It may also cause havoc and maybe even have fun with your furniture, curtains, clothing, etc… Therefore it is important to know how to play with a cat.

Playing with your cat basically ensures that your cat stays healthy and happy! 


So do not forget that your little soulmate needs attention! Start playing with your cat with Toys. By doing that you create a strong relationship. If you want to be closer to your cat, you must regularly play.

How frequently should you play with your cat?

To promote physical and mental growth and socialization, a kitten needs many sessions of 15-minute games. I recommend you to try to devote at least 1 hour of playtime per day ( for a kitten ). It is necessary to play at least two sessions of 10 minutes a day with an adult cat so that it is happy and have a fulfilled day. Try to dedicate such a session before leaving for work in the morning, then another one when you back at home. If you can, that’s even better: 1 hour remains the ideal time! 
If you know how to play with a cat, you probably know that it is important to choose the right time to play with your cat. Cats are often excited in the morning and evening ( sunrise and sunset ) because that is when they usually hunt in the wild. The rest of the day they tend to sleep much. Never wake your cat to have some fun p, because it needs a lot of sleep and will not be very motivated to play with you ( when you wake them up )
The rest of the time, let toys be available to romp alone. It is also important that the cat can climb. Therefore, it can reach objects in height: a stool, a shelf, etc.
Cats like to spend his time climbing all over our living room including our library. Cats also love going to the balcony.

What Toys do we recommend buying for your cat?

There are many types of toys for cats. It is important that you first get to know your cat. Then you will see that it will have a preference. Try to use various types of toys… I advise you to invest in a Toy box, like this one ( Click Here ) with several types of games. Another tip on how to play with a cat; Do not leave the same toys available, all the time. Cat tends to quickly get bored. Put some away and back out a few days later. That way the excitement will stay for a long period of time!

Here are some Toys to consider. ( Tested with cats and they love it )

The pipolino:

This is a game that contains holes, and the cat must move the cylinder to push out the kibbles. It takes some effort for your cat to get his reward ( Be careful though, that your cat does not become too smart with it ).


You can launch it or let it play alone ( Cats always loves these balls ). You can buy them in different types, also with a feather, etc.

A scratcher:

This is not a Toy per se, but it is essential to prevent your cat put ting his paws on your couch!.

Interactive Toys:

how to play with a cat

Automated Cat Toys, like a laser, are great when you don’t have a lot of time to play, or you just do not feel like it at the moment. This toy operated himself and keep your cat busy, ( Be sure to put it away or turn it off if it takes a long time because cats often stay distracted ) but always have fun with your cat!

Cat chew toys:

Essential, especially when it is still a kitten. This will help to lose his baby teeth a lot easier!

DIY Toys ideas for your cat:

It is also very simple to make toys for your cat. It can happen that you do not have the budget to provide them with various types of toys, no worries here are some DIY ideas: A box filled with ping pong balls. That way the cat can reach through small holes.
A bowl filled with water, with ping pong balls floating. You can also try it in your bathtub (Cats will not be tempted to jump in, but they try to do everything they can, to get the ball )
The traditional cork attached to a string ( super easy! ) Cat also love the little flowers, feathers, wooden sticks, pens, brushes… Feel free to test all of these; cats love these new toy ideas!
Now that you know how to play with a cat, you have to take this seriously, because cats need love, affection, play, and comfort ( Remember that the only one that can provide them with those, is you! ) They can also take good care of their own, but your cat will still depend on you!

If you have other cat toy ideas, please share with the community! I hope this article finds you well!

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