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The Real Reason Behind The Hissing and Growling of a Cat

When cats make a Hissing and Growling sound, people usually think that it is an act of aggression, while often they are terrified. But what is the real reason behind it? In this article, I further address these kinds of cat communication.

hissing and growling 

Cat body expression

Maybe this sounds a bit short around the corner, but I want you to know that many people misunderstand the body expression of a cat. They often cant recognize whether a cat is frightened or offensive. When I show a picture of a terrified cat to random people on the street, people usually make a ‘ wow ‘ sound, as if one is very affected by it. Also the same applies to the sounds of hissing. That is usually defined as offensive behavior ( This is not always the case! ).

Read your cats expressions

Cats are not easy to read, because of its singular origin. The expression feasibilities of the cat are slightly limited. Hissing and growling can often serve various objectives. What your cat specifically indicates, you have to study of their bodily expression and determine from the context. When you have learned whether there is aggression or anxiety, you will usually find various patterns. Know that a cat is seldom only aggressive or scared. You will notice factors of both emotions, and it is up to you to indicate which emotion is dominating the room!

A fearful cat

hissing and growling

When a cat is fearful, you usually notice large pupils, ears are flat ( With fear the ears lay sideways and not folded backward ) and the cat usually shrinks. A high back also called ” witch back ”, that is usually a sign of horror and maybe even confusion. The cat isn’t actually terrified but tries in that manner to chase the danger away, by making itself huge and hopes that its opponent takes off ( It is more like a bluff ). Often when these things occur the cat will almost always hiss at his opponent.

When a cat is injured or afraid

Most cats that are frightful ( I mean particularly vulnerable and anxious cats ) – Hiss to both cat and people. Cats also hiss if you touch a place where they are injured or not comfortable with. Some cats even hiss before they vomit. Most of these mentioned cases, a cat can also growl, particularly if the injured or terrified!

An Offensive cat

hissing and growling

An offensive cat resembles quite different from a cat that is frightened because when a cat is offensive their pupils become small and not large when it’s terrified. When it is offensive you will recognize that when their eyes become slits and the ears pointed forward, also the cat’s back runs somewhat upwards and the cat’s tail gets a unique nod. Oftentimes such an offensive cat behavior, you can recognize when they walk towards there opponent, with funny looking, stiff front legs.

Crying, hissing, and growling

When a cat is offensive it usually his but also growls. Rarely they are screaming, this often times occurs in a showdown between cats. Cats generally prefer not to fight at all, by doing this they expect to dodge a battle in this way.

Garding their food 

There are cats that also his or growl while having a meal when received something delicious. Some cat even with certain Toys in their mouth, like the well known ‘ Bengal ‘ 

They are familiar with hissing and growling when having something in their mouth and just want you to back off.
Cats naturally don’t like to share ( They are a little selfish ) so if they have caught something really nice and funny, that way they other cats don’t get in their space. Growling is usually a sign of a warning ( It’s better to let them be ).

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